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Introducing circus pedagogy to children helps them get to know themselves better. Learning and training circus skills is beneficial not only for performance but it reflects in everyday life as well. Workshops on different skills such as juggling, acrobatics, aerials, clowning, theater, pyramids are very important to teach children new ways of thinking, creating and playing while expanding their social environment. Training social circus disciplines and entails the basic element of fun and joy. While learning circus disciplines children and young people also have opportunity to develop life skills such as group dynamics, adopting universal values, improving coordination and concentration, developing a healthy personality and healthy social communication skills.


Müzikhane (House of Music in Turkish and Persian), is a social musical school based in Mardin Province, located in the south east of Turkey along the border with Syria. Initiated by San Francisco-Based composer, Sahba Aminikia as part of Flying Carpet Festival in 2018, the school continues to grow to become a cultural learning center for vulnerable children. Müzikhane aims to provide world-class cultural and artistic opportunities to vulnerable children in the same region, while also allowing the magic of their music to spread around the world to places where music and beauty are needed most. We connect artists from all around the world to our children, and they learn from those who have been through horrendous experiences and still keep the fire of hope burning in their hearts.


DARKROOM is an empowering project initiated by Emel Ernalbant, and directed by Syrian artist Serbest Salih, who is a refugee himself and finds love in teaching art of photography to children of deprived areas. The project equips children with inexpensive, pinhole andsimple analogue cameras, teaches them the basics of composition and visual arts and how to develop, print and achieve results out of their own art. The children are encouraged to take photos of their own surroundings, and capture the innocence and the beauty inside their own lives. Serbest also teaches them how to develop their photos, print them and makes exhibitions of their art; a full cycle of artistic experience.